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24 January 2005


AP: Prosecutor Declares no Religious Motive in Murders.

It's surreaslistically wierd to me, that anyone knowing anything about the background of thei crime could come to this conclusion. Evidently the P.C. fix is in. See previous post on this blog for linked coverage of this crime. (http://kc0am-rmc.blogspot.com/2005/01/current-news-of-note-to-me-anyway.html)

What would have been said if it was an Islamic family murdered similarly? There would have been a major uproar in the entire MSM, led by the NYT ("All the news that fits, we print.") et al.

This also serves to reinforce my assessment of New Jersey as the political armpit of the United States. Even California and Massachusetts have signs of more sanity than NJ!


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