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31 March 2005


Judicial Murder of Terri Schiavo Completed!

Terri Schiavo, R.I.P.
If you, as I do, have a religious belief, then Terri has gone on to a better state of existance than is offered by mortal life. If you don't have such a belief, too bad for you, but you still have to concede that at least she has escaped the inhumane cruelty that her so-called husband inflicted on her.

The degree of judicial usurpation that has taken place has been highlighted by this case, as by nothing else in recent memory. The arrogance of the judges is illustrated by the statement of Circuit Circus Court Judge Stanley F. Birch Jr., criticized Congress for passing the law requiring the federal courts to reexamine the evidence in Terri's case, saying that lawmakers, " ...violated core constitutional separation principles, [they] prescribed a 'rule of decision' and acted unconstitutionally." Ah, Judge B – maybe you better go read article 3 of the Constitution again – you know, the bit that gives CONGRESS the power to set the jurisdiction of the courts! So, nothing unconstitutional is happening here, except possibly in your digestive system since you apparently can’t abide the FACT that not everyone worships at the false altar of judicial divinity.

What to do now? Remember Terri and her case – and remember the judicial arrogance and abuse that caused this sorry set of events to occur as they did. Support the appointment of judges committed to INTERPRETING the law as it was enacted, as opposed to the judicial legislation that takes place all too often now.

30 March 2005


TCS: Extra, Extra! The UN Embraces Free Markets!

HOLEY MOLEY! Be still my beating heart! Agreeing with something Jesse Jackson says on one day, and a major UN report in support of free-markets the next - what's the world coming to!

If we can get this going, we'll be on the way to the sort of environment that any rational people would want to have, and without setting up some quasi-totalitarian "Green Gestapo".


NASA Moving in some Positive Directions (at last!)

Looking Forward to Prize Fights
TCS has this great article from none other than the Glenn himself (give the devil his due!) describing NASA initiatives to leverage limited resources into breathrough technologies that will have REAL and very significant impact on the overall scheme of things as they are brought on line.

This is taking the form of cash incentive prizes modeled on the recent Ansari-X Prize for private spaceflight. The first two proposals are for the development of orbital tether technology (enabling space elevators - phew! What a concept!) and the development of satellite solar power beamed to earth.

The way some of the news is running lately, the Chief admits he felt the need for a lift, and this sure had provided one. This stuff can totally shatter the dependency on oil as our major energy source - all we need to do is keep the 'crats and the luddites out of the way!

Cool stuff Glenn, indeed!


A Responsibility Party?

This is a really interesting view on the current state of the political spectrum. A "Responsibility Party" - I like it!

All too often the GOP, especially as manifested by the current administration has occupied the ground of the old (late 18th, early 19th cen.) Tories. The Dems have turned themselves, as stated into at best, social-democrats. So what's left? The Libertarians Losertarians are sadly lacking any call for individual responsibility, in addition to have a real bad case of ideological myopia on national security issues, as do the Constitutional Party, and the America-Firsters.

Bill Quick at Daily Pundit has an interesting proposal, one that I have pondered for some time myself. The question is how to go about implementing the idea of a rationally based "Responsibility Party".

This something badly needed, indeed.

29 March 2005


Russian Bear Wakes Up?


This, along with the prior posting, and other trends sure seem to indicate that the Russian bear is starting to come out of hibernation, in spite of some very real problems that remain.



Russia USSR Still in the Space Race

Where's the US? NASA is still hyping the hopelessly obsolete Shuttle system, with no replacement in sight. At least there are a few entrepreneurial efforts getting underway, but they have a LONG way to go before they are able to contemplate inter-planetary missions - especially since they haven't reached orbit yet.


Jesse Sounds Off on Schiavo Case

A Cold Day in Hell?

Give the devil his due! It's EXTREMELY unusual for the Chief to find himself in agreement with Jesse Jackson, but this is apparently one of those times.


The Foundation of Constitutional Law

The Chief offers something to consider in reference to the nature of the United States' constitutional system of law, AS IT WAS DESIGNED (not how it has been mutilated of late!):

5. And that law of the land which is constitutional, supporting that principle of freedom in maintaining rights and privileges, belongs to all mankind, and is justifiable before me.
6. Therefore, I, the Lord, justify you, and your brethren of my church, in befriending that law which is the constitutional law of the land;
7. And as pertaining to law of man, whatsoever is more or less than this, cometh of evil.
8. I, the Lord God, make you free, therefore ye are free indeed; and the law also maketh you free.
9. Nevertheless, when the wicked rule the people mourn.
10. Wherefore, honest men and wise men should be sought for diligently, and good men and wise men ye should observe to uphold; otherwise whatsoever is less than these cometh of evil.
Doctrine and Covenants
, section 98, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (emphasis added)

Based on this, the nature of our problem becomes greatly clarified! There's more on this from the same source, but this is enough for now. Words to ponder.


Final Solution to the Obesity Problem - NOT TRUE!

This was linked from the Emperor Misha and I had to read it twice AND go to the original story before I could accept that this wasn't a Scrappleface type satire.

QUESTION: What if this was being done for, say, people with a measured IQ below 75? What would the reaction be? How's about drug addicts? Homosexuals? (Never mind - they already decided themselves that they are biologically unfit, which is defined in terms of passing their genes on to descendent generations.) Who decides what is acceptable? And by what standard? The Nazis had some ideas about that. Who's to say they are any more wrong than anyone else's concept of acceptable normality.

Once the boundary of respecting innocent life is breached, there is no fixed boundary, and literally ANYTHING becomes acceptable, assuming that a sufficient political power can be accumulated to hold the gun barrel and force compliance.

FLASH! Got burned by manufactured fake news site - ooops! Only consolation is that apparently I was not the only one! Oh well, live and learn - but I already know enough to admit a flub-up, unlike CBS news.

28 March 2005


Some Views from Jihadistan

PLO Illustrates their Cultural Orientation.
Islamofascism indeed!

These Palestinian troopers seem to show a marked affinity to some other brown-shirted troopers found in Germany in the 30's! How does SIEG HEIL sound in Arabic? Posted by Hello

Is this what they mean by Arab unity?

These Hamas mujihadin show why they should get along well with the PLO guys. Posted by Hello


Gov. Bush Washes Hands of Schiavo Matter

Scrappleface weighs in, with his own inimitable style. After wading through the sharp satire, the point is well taken, and seems to be pretty accurate to me!


Schiavo solves Social Security?!

Quite a commentary from Vox Day over on WND. I would guess that a LOT of people would react with discomfort to this line of thought, but maybe they SHOULD feel discomfort about these events and trends.

Trends to what? As this OpEd concludes:
"...eventually they'll get around to the cripples and the Jews. This is an inspired evil that stems from a supernatural source whose inhuman goals are always the same: death, division and destruction. If you don't see how these things connect, recall that it was Jesus Christ who said: "I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me."

Keep that in mind the next time you're trying to decide if your government is on the side of the angels or not."


SD Politics: An Issue of the Day?

What do YOU drink: soda or pop?

There seems to be something of a discussion started over at S.D.P. concerning whether the fizzy non-alcoholic stuff is referred to as soda, pop, or (generically speaking), coke. They also have linked to this really neat map on the geographical distribution of this speech pattern. (I really like maps - they can carry such a RICH information content - I have a whole file box full of 'em from whenever I travel.

Personally, I grew up in the St. Louis area, and soda was definitely the drink du jour, but I also got some of the "coke" usage, since lots of folks around had come up from the south, like my granddad. Since moving up here to SD 25 years ago (??? sheesh - that sounds like a long time ago!) I have adopted usage of "pop" - just to avoid constant translation problems, don't ya know? You bet!

Why this discussion got started? I guess the legislature is out, so things have slowed down in the S.D.P. world right now.


Gang will target Minuteman vigil on Mexico border

Remember 1916?

Where's "Blackjack" Pershing now that we really need him?

27 March 2005


"Fair and Balanced" Report on Schiavo Case?

Is There Really a 'New Diagnosis' for Terri Schiavo?

If this is actually all valid, the Doctor makes some good points.

The Chief still thinks that there are serious issues associated with the history and disposition of the Schiavo case - especially as it highlights the current overly dominant role of the judiciary in government.


Border Patrol to be Stepped Up?

Increase in response to "Minuteman" efforts?

It is being reported that the Border Patrol assets are to be ramped up in AZ. Meanwhile the private patrol efforts have been referred to by Pres. Bush as a bunch of vigilantes, while MexPres Fox has called them "immigrant hunters". The Chief prefers to think of them as "undocumented Border Patrol agents" - if it's good enough for the illegals running the border, then it should be good enough for those who still think we shoudl enforce or soveriegn authority to control our own borders.


Comments on German Hitler Film

"Hitler was madder than a bucketload of snakes - there's no mystique."

Brit commentator makes the point that Hitler is still worth being concerned about 60 years later - just look at Red Lake, MN high school shooter Jeff Weise if you doubt it.


Another Bit of Lib Inconsistancy

Liberals cheered when Janet Reno defied the courts to seize Elian Gonzalez.
Good column by John Fund @ WSJ OpinionJournal.com.

Looks like it's OK to go against the courts if you're :
(a) doing so on behalf of a PC cause,
(b) a libDem and therefore above criticism in the MSM,
(c) selective picking and choosing which "principle" to support in your decisions (i.e. state's rights, parental rights, etc.).

If you don't fall under the above, then of course (according to the MSM) you're provoking a Constitutional crisis, if not being guilty of fomenting a coup.

note: As I'm posting this John Fund is on Drudge expanding further on this, and relating it even more to the Schiavo case. He's stating directly that we are presently in a "tyrrany of the judiciary" and notes that Jefferson (with congressional support) fired 40% of the judiciary after he took office as President, with the clear inference that something like that is needed now. No argument from me on that!


NRA Official Suggests Guns for Teachers

This would actually be effective IF it could ever be implemented, and that's a very big "IF"! The can't even get a timely deployment of arms to pilots in airline cockpits - I've got a big fat picture of doing this in schools. The P.C. crowd would have double conniption fits.

I still think it would be a good idea, though.


Networks Slant Coverage Against Terri's Parents, Survey Shows

What else is new - MSM caught again in the act of being themselves.

25 March 2005


Why Compromise Won't Ever Work With the Islamofascists!

"In 1492 We Lost Everything"
Here they are, bemoaning the deleterious impact of Ferdinand y Isabella bringing down the last Islamic government in Spain. This is like the English still being mad about Normandy now being part of France, or Massachusetts still trying to claim Maine or something. I mean, get over it already!


The Uncyclopedia!

Good site to waste some time on. I particularly liked the entries for "Mordor" and "Sauron", but there's much, much more to explore. Found this one from a link buried in the depths of IMAO.

A pretty good hoot - and IMAO's no slouch either.


Scientists Recover Tissue From T. Rex

I was wondering what happened to that band! Ooops. Wrong T. rex!

Seriously, this is a pretty amazing find - especially if it allows direct biochemical assay of proteins, etc, and dare one say - DNA - from one of these creatures?


Misc Blog Notes

Good News and Bad News on the Chief's IT Front:
This sort of commenting is not my usual modus operandi, but at times it's appropriate. I made a post a while back commenting on the sale of IBM's PC operations to a ChiCom outfit, and made the reflection that in the future "computer" at my home port would be spelled "D-E-L-L". Maybe I should have kept quiet since my home base desktop was an IBM NetVista - I guess it didn't like what I said, since when I attempted to update my Norton AV the whole darned thing barfed all over my files: it shredded the default doc folder somehow, rendering it unusable, undeleteable, and inaccessible, although there was still indirect evidence of something being in there yet. Not only this, but the whole drive segment is unable to be formatted to try to clean up the mess! (I HATE it when that happens!) Needless to say, this has been disruptive of lots of stuff for school that I hoped to get done at home yesterday, to say nothing of putting a crimp into blogging!

So, what's the good news? My spousal unit felt compassion for my travails, unlocked the treasury, and delivery is pending on a new computer from the afore mentioned Texas-based vendor of computer equipment. Now station the sea and anchor detail! Shift colors! Underway!

Slaglerock's Slaughterhouse
Had a good e-exchange with the proprietor of Slaglerock's Slaughterhouse - an affiliate of the dreaded (by libDems anyway) Rottweiler hegemony. Slagle is a USAF type, who is currently one of the defenders helping to keep all us infidels from becoming subject to dhimmitude.

I've had him linked for a couple of months, and regularly visit his locale since it's interesting and informative - he has a sort of Kipling-ish appreciation of the realities of life in a sometimes hostile world. In addition he has a neat graphics header that definitely hits the mark! Check it out & you'll see what I mean.

23 March 2005


The Schiavo Death Watch and the New American Aristocracy

The situation on this has so many ramifications, that it's easy to get off into the rhetorical wilderness on many significant, but somewhat peripheral issues. The fundamental issue is a matter of life or death - and the spectacle of an innocent woman being judicially murdered by means of starvation is enough to give me a sick feeling as I consider it. People who do less than this to animals are arrested for abuse, and men who did much less than this to others in Iraq as they sought to defend this nation are looking at potential jail time in courts martial. Not so to Terri's alleged husband Michael, and his legal and quasi-medical support claque.

Terri's de-facto ex-husband, has the best doctors and lawyers his money can buy to tell him (and us) what he wants us to hear, under the (purported) medical leadership of one Dr. Robert Cranford, who is the primary advocate that Terri is in a "permanent vegetative state" has a publication record that indicates to any rational person that he has a personal axe to grind here too - since he has been an active advocate of the "right to die" viewpoint. So much for scientific objectivity on the side of the death advocates.

The background circumstances of her case are, at a MINIMUM, highly questionable. Michael Schiavo has about as much credibility as a husband to Terri, as the 3rd Reich had as the protector of European Jewry. Both had one (and the same) outcome in mind for their subjects. There is testimony of actual harm and what would appear to be cases of attempted murder of her on his part. From what I have seen in interviews, etc., there is more testimonial evidence to this effect concerning M.S. than there was against Scott Peterson. But the death advocates steadfastly refuse to consider any of these circumstances, in spite of the years-long pattern that they form.

Another deep issue that has been illuminated by this case is the existance of a class of American aristocrats, who weild thus far unlimited political power, governed only by their own personal whim and preference. This class could be referred to as a "LEGALITY", in the same sense that rule by feudal ruling nobles were collectively known as the "NOBILITY". Just as there were formerly the so-called great nobles, lesser nobles, and the lower ranking equestrian, or knightly class, the LEGALITY would seem to consist of ranks of ever-more powerful and autonomous lawyers ranging from main-street practitioners (corresponding to the knights, perhaps not coincidentally still using the abbreviated designation Esq., for esquire), up to those designated as being "Supreme" in their status, assuming through precedent, personal power that is unmatched anywhere else in our political or governmental establishment. It must needs be noted that not all members of this legal class are abusive of their power, or corrupt either financially or politically.

Keeping that important fact in mind, it must still be accepted that overall, the structure of the appelate court system is dominated by those who have no compunction with twisting the law, splitting hairs of meaning, and warping the fabric of government itself to become something that would be as alien to the drafters of the Constitution as it is abhorrent to me. If one doubts that this would be the case, review the Federalist Papers and liberally apply reason (see, liberalism isn't ALWAYS bad!) - the outcome is indisputable, unless one sinks into the relativistic and deconstructionist morass of modern critical rhetoric.

Anyway, where this issue brings us, like many others during this time, is to an awful realization that the glory of the American Constitutional system is in danger of being fatally damaged and transmogrified into something that would be unrecognizable to our ancestors. If this is NOT to happen, some control over the deconstructionist logic of much of the higher judiciary MUST be riened in. THAT is why the libDems are in danger of going fully ballistic at the threat of the use of the constitutional option to restore majority rule in the "advice and consent" of judicial appointments. If we are unable or unwilling to restore the judiciary to judges who will take an originalist view in constitutional interpretation, then it will be amen to Constitutional rule, and government of the people, and by the people, WILL perish from the earth!

All too often we seem to turn away from making the right choices in our pursuit of personal convenience and material desires. After all, it's so inconvenient to deal with the infirm, disabled, and aged - and besides, it's too expensive - so encourage them to an early grave, and if THAT proves too expensive, why, there's always Soylent Green!

21 March 2005


Schiavo Legalities Laid out by Attorney

Terri Schiavo's legal case, here is spelled out by her attorney in this PDF'd letter. Well worth the legalese. It only confirms the irrational genuflection going on before the altar of the death culture that has so much been underlying what passes for modern liberalism.


Pew! What a Stink!

I like MY header for this one better than the NY Post's, but this editorial under any title says a lot concerning the background push for one of the more blatant attacks on our Constitutional system - the McCain-Fiengold Campaign Finance Law, otherwise identifiable as the "Incumbant-Protection Speech Limitation Act".


More on Schiavo Case

Terry Schiavo's Fate Awaits Judge's Ruling
Well, it's back to the judiciary again now - I would like to be optimistic, but I note the judge is an appointeee of Pres. Bubba, so who knows.

Terry Schiavo's Legal Case
This letter (in PDF format) lays out the legalities of Terri's case. It certainly clears the air legally, that is IF one is willing to apply reason to the case.

A Hypothetical Case in Similitude of Terri Schiavo
Blue-eyed Infidel has issued a rather telling comparison between the Terri Schiavo case, and what would happen if she were to treat her dog the same way. Unfortunately, it's all too true.


New technology uses human body for broadband networking

"By sending data over the surface of the skin, it may soon be possible to trade music files by dancing cheek to cheek, or to swap phone numbers by kissing"

This sounds incredibly far-out, but, it also sounds like it's technically feasible. Check out the last paragraph too:

An intriguing possibility is that the technology will be used as a sort of secondary nervous system to link large numbers of tiny implanted components placed beneath the skin to create powerful onboard -- or in-body -- computers.

The possible ramifications of this are really interesting too - like having a direct satcom-human link, delivering broadband access direct to the brain! There's a severe negative aspect of this too - would YOU want to be constantly spammed, or subjected to ads via a "live content" connection? Yech!


News Direct from Baghdad - not in MSM

The Chief received the following via an e-mail from Texas. Very informative & contrary to the MSM run-of-the-mill reporting from th hotels of Baghdad. This looks like some notes someone made from a talk. Well worth the read:

Subject: Real news from Iraq

Went to an AUSA dinner last night at the Ft. Hood Officers' Clu to hear a speech by Major General Pete Chiarelli, CG of the 1st Cav Div. He and most of the Div. have just returned from Iraq. Very informative and, surprise, the Mainstream Media (MSM) isn't telling the story. I was not there as a reporter, didn't take notes but I'll make some the points I remember that were interesting, suprising or generally stuff I had not heard before. It was not a speech per se. He just walked and talked, showed some slides and answered questions. Very impressive guy.

1. While units of the Cav served all over Iraq, he spoke mostly of Baghdad and more specifically Sadr City, the big slum on the eastern side the Tigeris River. He pointed out that Baghdad is, in geography, is about the size of Austin. Austin has 600,000 to 700,000 people. Baghdad has 6 to 7 million people.

2. The Cav lost 28 main battle tanks. He said one of the big lessons learned is that, contrary to doctrine going in, M1-A2s and Bradleys are needed, preferred and devastating in urban combat and he is going to make that point to the JCS next week while they are considering downsizing armor.

3. He showed a graph of attacks in Sadr City by month. Last Aug-Sep they were getting up to 160 attacks per week. During the last three months, the graph had flatlined at below 5 to zero per week.

4. His big point was not that they were "winning battles" to do this but that cleaning the place up, electricity, sewage, water were the key factors. He said yes they fought but after they started delivering services that the Iraqis in Sadr City had never had, the terrorist recruiting of 15 and 16 year olds came up empty.

5. The electrical "grid" is a bad, deadly joke. Said that driving down the street in a Hummv with an antenna would short out a whole block of apt. buildings. People do their own wiring and it was not uncommon for early morning patrols would find one or two people lyin dead in the street, having been electrocuted trying to re-wire their own homes.

6. Said that not tending to a dead body in the Muslum culture never happens. On election day, after suicide bombers blew themselves up trying to take out polling places, voters would step up to the body lying there, spit on it, and move up in the line to vote.

7. Pointed out that we all heard from the media about the 100 Iraqis killed as they were lined up to enlist in the police and security service. What the media didn't point out was that the next day there 300 lined up in the same place.

8. Said bin Laden and Zarqawi made a HUGE mistake when bin Laden went public with naming Zarqawi the "prince" of al Quaeda in Iraq. Said that what the Iraqis saw and heard was a Saudi telling a Jordanian that his job was to kill Iraqis. HUGE mistake. It was one of the biggest factors in getting Iraqis who were on the "fence" to jump off on the side of the coalition and the new gov't.

9. Said the MSM was making a big, and wrong, deal out of the religious sects. Said Iraqis are incredibly nationalistic. They are Iraqis first and then say they are Muslum but the Shi'a - Sunni thing is just not that big a deal to them.

10. After the election the Mayor of Baghdad told him that the people of the region (Middle East) are joyous and the governments are nervous.

11. Said that he did not lose a single tanker truck carrying oil and gas over the roads of Iraq. Think about that. All the attacks we saw on TV with IEDs hitting trucks but he didn't lose one. Why? Army Aviation. Praised his air units and said they made the decision early on that every convoy would have helicopter air cover. Said aviators in that unit were hitting the 1,000 hour mark (sound familiar?). Said a convoy was supposed to head out but stopped at the gates of a compound on the command of an E6. He asked the SSG what the hold up was. E6 said, "Air , sir." He wondered what was wrong with the air, not realizing what the kid was talking about. Then the AH-64s showed up and the E6 said, "That air sir." And then moved out.

12. Said one of the biggest problems was money and regs. There was a $77 million gap between the supplemental budget and what he needed in cash on the ground to get projects started. Said he spent most of his time trying to get money. Said he didn't do much as a "combat commander" because the war he was fighting was a war at the squad and platoon level. Said that his NCOs were winning the war and it was a sight to behold.

13. Said that of all the money appropriated for Iraq, not a cent was earmarked for agriculture. Said that Iraq could feed itself completely and still have food for export but no one thought about it. Said the Cav started working with Texas A&M on ag projects and had special hybrid seeds sent to them through Jordan. Texas A&M analyzed soil samples and worked out how and what to plant. Said he had an E7 from Belton, TX (just down the road from Ft. Hood) who was almost single-handedly rebuilding the ag industry in the Baghdad area.

14. Said he could hire hundreds of Iraqis daily for $7 to $10 a day to work on sewer, electric, water projects, etc. but that the contracting rules from CONUS applied so he had to have $500,000 insurance policies in place in case the workers got hurt. Not kidding. The CONUS peacetime regs slowed everything down, even if they could eventually get waivers for the regs.

There was more, lots more, but the idea is that you haven't heard any of this from anyone, at least I hadn't and I pay more attention than most.

Said the Cav troops said it was ALL worth it on Jan. 30 when they saw how the Iraqis handled election day. Made them very proud of their service and what they had accomplished.

Great stuff. We all should be proud.

18 March 2005


Terri Schiavo Case - the Gateway to the 4th Reich?

I fail to see the difference between what's happening in the Terri Schiavo case, and the Nazi Reich killing off the disabled and handicapped as "useless eaters". We bend over backwards to protect threatened insects. We have mandatory appeals ad infinitum for convicts who have committed gruesome murders. But we seem incapable of protecting the life of an innocent and disabled woman. If this continues as is, we will establish that our society is well down the path trod previously by the Nazis.

Attorney: Terri cried at news -
Claims brain-injured woman said she wants to live.

Not exactly what I would call a "persistant vegetative state".

Barbarity in America
Don't take my word for it - listen to the Rabbi:

The humanity of every society is determined first and foremost by how it treats its most helpless citizens, and a nation that is prepared to murder a feeble and vulnerable woman who can breathe but not eat on her own must take a deeper look at the source of its ethics. Before Hitler came for the Jews and the gypsies, he first came after the mentally handicapped. He offered this rationale for euthanasia: "In nature, there is no pity for the lesser creatures when they are destroyed so that the fittest may survive. Going against nature brings ruin to man. It is only Jewish impudence to demand that we overcome nature." Hitler, who was a committed evolutionist and applied the ruthless principals of natural selection to the human species, opposed "artificial" means of keeping the infirm alive. The species was strengthened when its weakest constituents perished, just as nature decreed.

Read the whole thing - it'll be good for you!

Feeding Tube Removed: GOP House Members Seek Re-insertion

Current state of events in this sad, sad case. In the body of the article it notes that GOP House members have attempted a number of strategies to prevent this killing. Meanwhile, Democratic Cong. Henry "Nose" Waxman (CA) has called attempts to save Terri's life "a flagrent abuse of power". Hey, Henry, if the attitude that wants to kill off an innocent woman had won WW-II, you would be a lampshade or a bar of soap!

By the way, the bit about the Florida judge deciding to ignore Congressional subpoenas - another example of the exalted position that the judiciary has assumed, at least in it's own mind.

GOP Hurt by Schiavo Case?
Peggy Noonan thinks that the GOP will pay a political price if Terri Schiavo is killed. I don't agree - it's only been Republicans who have tried to do anything at all to help in this sad situation, while a number of leading Dems have supported this act of judicial murder. Could more have been done? Possibly - but given the current state of the judiciary, I'm not sure how this could have been done, short of possibly violent civil disobedience. (Maybe the time for that is not far off.)

17 March 2005


Senator Announces Intention to Torture Ballplayers

Heard a sound bite in passing - Senator Biden (D-MD) saying that if nothing else, the baseball steroid hearings would get a bunch of players up in public to "embarass the hell out of them".

Since it was widely bruited about that embarassment of prisoners at Abu Ghraib Prison constituted torture, one must logically conclude that the intent of the Senator is to torture the baseball players!

16 March 2005


Spaceport Plans are Talk of Texas Town

The private enterprise movement into space continues. In this case, Jeff Bezos' (the Amazon.com guy!) is aimed at orbital flight, which is a bit beyond the current plans of Virgin Galactic, and Rocketplane, Inc. I'm not sure what the eventual goal of Armadillo Aerospace is, other than to, er, fly into space.

These four entrepreneurial undertakings are all worthy of watching. If we can't get loose of the NASAcrats, our move into space will never amount to more than an elitist bunch of scientific technophiles pursuing their own hobby-horses at taxpayers expense. Let the space race continue!

15 March 2005


SD Blogwar II Continues

In the terminology of the header on this post, BlogWar I is defined as the pre-election sparring that went on between the D.B.A. and the Argus-Loser oops, Argus-Leader. BlogWar II was launched by a virtually (if not actually) coordinated three-sided strike: a probing action by KELO-TV to set the stage, followed by the heavy artillery barrage of Randell Beck's Argus column, and finally the continuing sniping attacks by Epp et al, including some "black-ops" anonymous blog strikes. All of the above are long on rhetoric, truly liberal in the use of ad-hominem and emotionally rooted attacks, but lacking in the citation of any substantiated FACTUAL deviations from the truth in the posts that they are exercised about.

On the other hand, both Sibby and SDP have some rather detailed and lengthy posts up noting with a lot of specific detail, just where the rhetorical and credibility problems with the libDem efforts lie. (Pun intended!) I leave it to them to ably respond, since much of the content deals with events before the Chief came into the blogosphere. Well worth the read if you are following this.


Islamists' Push Beyond Legal Rights, towards Priviliged Status

There seems to be some question as to whether Islam in the west can accept being one choice among others in pluralistic societies, without trying to IMPOSE an Islamist system and world-view on the neighboring infidels.

In the words of this article: "Offer full rights — but turn down demands for special privileges." Sounds about right to me! If you don't like it, don't let the door hit your camel in the butt on the way out!


Conservative Leaders Issue 'Family Manifesto'

Not a bad move, but they are several years behind the Mormons, whose Presidency & Quorum of the Twelve Apostles issued a no-holds barred Proclamation on the Family in 1995. It makes the point(s) that need to be made on these issues, much more directly than 35 pages do! Check it out, think about it, and pass it along as appropriate.


Judicial Dictatorship Continues to Advance

Possibly the most profound domestic issue affecting us is the Gumby-like flexability of the liberal members of the judiciary in declaring the law to be whatever their personal viewpoint happens to be, whether or not it is in accord with the actual meaning of the Constitution or what the legislative intent actually was.

There are some cures for this. For one, jurists who have a more originalist view of the law. (A radical notion this: interpret the law to be in accord with the intent of those who drafted it! Scary stuff indeed.) This is the basis of the soon to be superheated debate concerning judicial appointments in the senate.

The other is more interesting, if less likely: exercise the constitutional option to REMOVE JURISDICTION from the Supremes in certain types of cases! To quote Article III, Section 2:
"In all other cases before mentioned the supreme Court shall have appellate Jurisdiction, both as to Law and Fact, WITH SUCH EXCEPTIONS, AND UNDER SUCH REGULATIONS AS CONGRESS SHALL MAKE."

Anyway, a smorgasbord of current news and commentary on the current state of judicial affairs:

"...judiciary...advancing...like a thief..."
This quote comes from an 1821 letter by Thomas Jefferson to Nathaniel Macon.

“It has long, however, been my opinion, and I have never shrunk from its expression, ... that the germ of dissolution of our federal government is in the constitution of the federal judiciary; an irresponsible body, (for impeachment is scarcely a scare-crow,) working like gravity by night and by day, gaining a little today and a little tomorrow, and advancing its noiseless step like a thief, over the field of jurisdiction, until all shall be usurped from the States, and the government of all be consolidated into one.”

Scalia Slams 'Living Constitution' Theory
Justice Antonin Scalia criticized the Supreme Court's recent decision to strike down the juvenile death penalty, calling it the latest example of politics on the court that has made judicial nominations an increasingly bitter process.

Judge Says California Can't Ban Gay Marriage
Another reminder of why I'm glad to not live in Californ(icate)ia!

MI Abortion Law Won't Take Effect
Another case of judicial anti-legislation.

Dems Promise Scorched Earth if Over-ridden on Judicial Appts.
Definitely worth the price, if the judges get confirmed. One can only hope at the rest of this: a legislature that isn't making new laws is NOT necessarily a bad thing!


Hillary Demands Respect - and Gets It? Well, sort of .

(Click on pic for larger view to see detail.)

As a part of survival training in the military, there are hand signals that may be used to indicate that a photo is being staged under conditions of some form of coercion, against the will of the participant. This photo shows an application of this signalling technique being applied in a real-world situation.

Truly a picture that is worth a thousand words!
(Received via e-mail from an old service buddy. ) Posted by Hello

14 March 2005


Blogging Hiatus Explained: SD Teams Win Robotics Awards

The Chief has missed blogging due to travel with the school competitive robotics team to the FIRST St. Louis Regional Competion.

Sisseton (SD) H.S. was in the final winning team alliance at the competion, and will be going to the National Competition. The Flandreau Indian School's Inter-tribal Rototics Group team won a Judges' Award at the same event as a "team whose unique efforts, performance, and dynamics merit recognition....Their persererance and dedication should serve as an inspiration to every team in this competion."

Congrats to the students of both teams.

10 March 2005


US Says "Ah-so!" as IBM Sells PC Operation to ChiComs

Why does this set my teeth on edge? Could it be that the same D.C. factions that favored selling aerospace technology (read this as ICBM stuff!) was no problem will be applauding this deal too?

NOTE: This is NOT a partisan issue! Both Bush administrations as well as ex-President Bubba have all had some problems in this area as far as the Chief is concerned.

Although my current home desktop is IBM, in the future computer will be spelled "D-E-L-L". I know, components and assembly is done all over the place anymore. At least before this deal goes through, most of the money came back home instead of contributing to arming the most populous empire on the planet to enable it to kick us in the teeth when they think they can get away with it.

If this is of no concern to you at all - check out this op-ed from (again) the Telegraph, which for being a major paper has a notable and long-standing tradition of kicking the P.C. orthodoxy of most of the MSM right in the chops.

I fear this is a bit too much like us, like Esau, selling our birthright for a mess of pottage. The ultimate losses could prove to be both permanent, and damaging to our interests.

09 March 2005


Polar history shows melting ice-cap may be a natural cycle

Another Nail in The Global Warning Coffin

Anyone that looks at any MSM these days know all about the "Chicken Little" alarmism of the envirowacko religionists, in spite of evidence and scientific commentary to the contrary.

There is a fair amount of good information on this - worthy of a post of its own. TCS has had a lot of good stuff on this, for example.

This report from across the pond, of scientific work done there, only reinforces my own skepticism about the alleged "human caused global climate change".



In this note Michelle Malkin notes a designation of citizen border patrollers as "undocumented border patrol agents". I like it!

08 March 2005


Randell Beck Saying What He REALLY Thinks!

"If there is truth to be found in hell, then go to hell and get it, and bring it back."
- Brigham Young

There is a very interesting e-mail exchange between a blogger and Randell Beck. It is worth noting, that this particular blogger seems to have an agenda and viewpoint that has little in common with the Chief on most issues, except that he is dedicated to calling the shots the way he sees them and expressing same via the blogosphere.

Anyway, he sent an e-mail to Mr. Beck replying to a small part of Beck's marathon attempt to cut the upstart blogosphere down to easily digested fragments. The exchange is apparently illustrative of the attitude of Randell Beck. It is amazing indeed that he deigns to favor us and issue oracular pronouncements and pontifications from his Olympian heights as the head cheese of the Argus-Loser (Liar, Leader - whatever). I guess he feels that it is his duty to enlighten the hoi polloi by gracing us with his erudite and creative interpretion of events.

Anyway, check out the exchange - besides, it is good evidence that there are some liberals who are capable so sometimes speaking the truth about some things.

Take a look at the exchange - it IS illuminating!

06 March 2005


Randell Beck Dumps His Load

Eastern SD Soil Fertility Shows Sudden Increase!

note: No link to Randell Beck's massive column due to failure of Argus to post it online!
Link WAS finally posted here.

Sioux Falls Argus Leader Editor Beck has issued his latest screed complaining about the rise of the blogosphere, and the fact that it seems to be effectively affecting the ability to his part of the MSM to set the agenda of political discussion, and to bias news coverage of the same by means of selective coverage. This consists of softball coverage of what he and his paper inferentially favor (for instance, the re-election of the former Senator Daschle), and ignoring issues and stories that are NOT favorable to such outcomes (for example said former Senator's favoring of national Dem policies in D.C. over the SD view of the issues).

He goes into a very lengthy treatment of the Gannon/Guckert story, straining at gnats at an attempt to come up with some involvement with Sen. Thune. Let's see, a conservative web writer writes stuff with a conservative point of view, on a web site that is known as a vendor of a conservative viewpoint. Shocking! (Anyway, the whole Gannon thing is a red herring as far as SD politics is concerned. See previous post.)

Also, he seems to be exercised about known conservatives on-line being associated with known conservative candidates, and then continuing to publish a conservative viewpoint on self-identified conservative web sites. It seems to me that the real offense here is that conservatives are effectively getting their points of view out, in spite of the MSM's judgement that this point of view is less worthy of being in the public marketplace of ideas than their own spoon-fed version of events, subjected to their so-called (and pseudo-)"professional" (read more intellectual and elite) filtering. (After all, the MSM always knows more than we do about what's bestand true - just ask them if you doubt this!)

It looks like the REAL problem is that conservatives are becoming more effective at promulgating information, and at using it to achieve results that contravene the agenda of the comtemporary P.C. groupthink that sets the agenda for most of the MSM.

Mr. Beck's own biases in this sort of thing are showing in any number of comments in this exercise of journalistic spleen-venting. One example to illustrate: referring to "the conservative Fox news" he recapitulates the myth that Fox News is truly conservative. As a self-proclaimed conservative, this is a surprise to ME! I will admit that FNC give a respectful place to conservatives on the air, as they ALSO do to liberals. I think that Alan Colmes, Greta van Susteren, and other contributors like Mara Liasson (NPR) and Ceci Connolly (WaPo) would be surprised at finding themselves listed as conservatives. Hey Randall - IT'S ALL RELATIVE! FNC is only conservative when compared to CNN/CBS/MSNBC/ABC/NBC. All except FNC are to the left, admittedly leaving FNC on their right - from a position near the middle! And for Beck to claim some higher ground based on the journalistic objectivity of the Argus is laughable on the face of it.

Beck with the Argus, KELO coverage, etc. helping to circle the wagons at against the blogosphere on their front page, and Todd Epp's phonily proclaimed committee all acting at the same time with virtually identical talking points only effectively confirms the reality of the SD MSM deciding that they want no role for ordinary folks outside of their establishment having a significant place at the debate table, which has finally starting to obtained through the exercise of personal first amendments rights to free political speech. Too bad for them - my heart bleeds! (NOT!)

05 March 2005


Epp, Other libDems Continue With Fact-free Ranting

The hysteria of the SD libDem left is really getting to the point of absurdity. If there was ANY factual basis for the on-going libDem tantrum, I would possibly get alarmed. It's getting to be a bigger joke than Michael Moore and Ward Churchill.

Apparently Mr. Epp and others of his ilk need some better meds to help them settle down and accept the reality that their depression-era reactionary policies and ideology is running out of steam with the voters after 60 years. It definitely says something when even liberals like David Korn of The Nation don't give their ranting any credence!

Anyway, here's a good SDP post and one by Sibby out today on this - go look at them. They seem to have things nailed down pretty well. Sibby's final paragraph has the situation NAILED - pithy and to the point!

In spite of more of the same old line from Epp et al, I'm still interested, but sort of the way a microbiologist would be in examining the growth of some form of slime mold or something.

04 March 2005


SD Blogs Respond to Epp libDem Activist Front

More on the subject of the previous post, from South Dakota Politics, and Sibby .


LibDem Activists Start Anti-Thune Ad Group

Just heard a paid ad on KELO-am from something calling itself "Citizens for Campaign Accountability", billing itself as a "non-partisan group", noting also "Todd Epp" was their treasurer. Excuse me? Non-partisan? Todd Epp? Not in THIS universe! Epp has a long-time history as a libDem activist - which is fine, but he's FAR from non-partisan.

They were squawking about some sort of connection between Thune and the former Talon News reporter whose nom de plume was Jeff Gannon, stating that this is at variance with Thune's campaign theme of "South Dakota values". Are they upset with conservative Thune working with conservative media? Wow, THAT'S controversial! Or, are they inferring that Thune knew of and approved (and/or consiously ignored) some definite personal morality issues involving Gannon that have recently surfaced? Of course, Epp, exemplifying all too typical liberal weasel attitude has deniability, since this was left unsaid, at least overtly, although the inference is there (wink, wink).

Form all that I've been seeing in the MSM about Gannon, the real complaint seems to be that he was (shudder, tremble) a pro-Bush reporter! (Everyone in the MSM KNOWS that you can't ask friendly softball questions to a political figure unless your name is Matt Lauer, and you're talking to a lib - it's just not done!)

Two observations here: for sure we'll hear more of this garbage, and it is additional evidence that the Daschle Dems just can't bring themselves to accept their defeat in the last election. I saw Epps on the KELO-TV bit on blogging the other night, and he exuded a sense of self-righteous bitterness, that the world could be so unfair as to give ordinary people the means to rise up and strike at their betters, via blogging in that instance, or via an internet new site with a conservative point of view in the case of Talon.

Better call the waaaambulance! (waa-waa, waa-waa, waa-waa)

03 March 2005


FEC Commissars Plan to Ignore Free Speech?

The coming crackdown on blogging?

I got a link to this from Sibby. This FEC Member Bradley Smith notes a highly disturbing (understatement!) possible trend in FEC regulation amd limitation of free political speech.

This sort of issue has been commented on by be before, and it STILL drives me absolutely crazy that these educated fools can so blithely ignore the plain language of the First Amendment - " Congress shall make no law...abridging the freedom of speech..."

With read the link describing the specific ideas - the degree of hair-splitting detailed regulation being discussed fully fits the definition of "totalitarian" - government exercising total control over whatever IT, or rather the people that comprise it, think needs to be regulated.

The rest of Sibby's post is well worth checking out. It hits the fundamentals of these issues very clearly. There are more relevant linkages on Instapundit, Professor Bainbridge (a must read!) and many other places by now.

If these sort of fascist-minded policies continue to be implemented, the time will (unfortunately) surely come where the bit in the 2nd Amendment will become even more significant than it is now. Again I quote Claire Wolfe - "America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but it's too early to shoot the bastards." More and more it seems like we are working our way out of that condition - but in the wrong direction. Keep your powder dry!


Aviation Record Completed!

Around the World in 80 Hours! (or less)

Steve Fossett just landed a little bit ago, to complete his truly "round trip" from Salina, KS, to Salina, KS via circling the globe non-stop, solo, without refueling. In spite of some concerns due to an apparent loss of fuel early in the flight, the remainder was sufficient to complete the job.

The Chief noted this effort Monday when the flight started, and has been following it since.

Congrats are certainly in order to pilot Steve Fossett, aircraft designer and builder Burt Rutan, and their backer and fellow flight enthusiast and entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson.

This to me is a truly inspiring effort & success.


Democrats name building for Daschle


Quick! Where's the garlic and wooden stake! The undead walks again!


02 March 2005


An observation on blog-posting.

Why is it that there seems to be a hidden, second meaning to the PUBLISH POST screen button , that says in addition: "As soon as this button is pushed you will immediately notice 1, 2, or 3 things in the just posted blognote that need to be edited" ?

(Or is it just me?)


Palestine's Peculiar Institution

Just to keep from getting overconfident, this article has quite a different flavor from the previous post.

It's a longer read, but makes some very interesting points to consider.

So consider them, and respond accordingly (or not - whatever).



NewsMax: deFacto Mid-east Digest

The following taken from NewsMax makes a striking image of the current state of the mideast:

Democracy Sweeping Middle East
Critics bashed President Bush for his vision for the Middle East and said a free Iraq would have no effect on the rest of the region. Scant months later, they are eating their words as Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Lebanon have promised more democratic elections.


Same Old Story on Judicial Nominees

'Dusty Harry" Reid and his compadres learned their lesseons well from Daschle, and show every indication of delivering more of the same obstructionist strategies on these nominations.

No more filibustering on this - "NUKE" 'EM!


Emerging New Economic Paradigm

THis T.C.S. article addresses something which can have a profound effect on the study of economics. The Chief's snap judgement is that what is being described here is nothing less than the economics of the 21st Century information age.

" '… three types of activity generate a process of continuing and cumulative change. Trading creates new opportunities for innovation and institutional change. Innovation creates new opportunities for institutional change and trading. Institutional change creates new opportunities for trading and innovation. ...the process does not converge on or 'discover' a known or predictable outcome.'
-- Meir Kohn

The Dartmouth University economics professor Meir Kohn has identified some important characteristics of an emerging alternative paradigm in economics. This approach, which he calls "the exchange paradigm" and which I prefer to call Learning Economics, is an important new direction in the field. The focus shifts from how an economy allocates a given set of resources to how an economy functions as a learning mechanism, sorting through innovations to find those that provide genuine improvements in living standards."

Just as the economic implementations of the fascisto-socialist stripe have consistently proven to impose a dead hand on economic development and innovation in the 20th Century, so has the mathematical-statistical approach to economics produced more smoke than light when it came to understanding why this would inevitably be the outcome of centralization.

The real problems which seem to result from the free market, result from the less-than-free market. Note the bit in this article about the tendency for the established to seek artificial and arbitrary (government) protection of their place in the scheme of things.

Understanding what has happened in the past is the first key to making something better happen in the future. This can be a giant step in the right direction for the world of economics.


The Modern Age of Revolution

The Bush Doctrine Works!

Analysis here of the historical processes exemplified by Pres. Bush's drive for democracy as expounded in his 2nd Inaugural and this year's State of the Union.

Since then there have been serious democratic progress in Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, and Lebabon. Also, there has been a tip of the hat and some signs of first movement in Egypt, and even Saudi Arabia, with the sound of rumblings starting below the surface in Syria, and Iran.

Not bad for six weeks later!

01 March 2005


SS Roots Revealed for German Exhibitor of Human Corpses

Is Monty Python REALLY gone?

This is so bizarre that the mind has trouble comprehending the degree of surrealism present:

a German who has become rich
  • performing public dissections of humans for paying audiences across Europe
  • exhibited plasticized and preserved human and animal corpses in artistic displays
  • has set up a factory for making these "display pieces" in China (where else?)
  • and now wants to expand the business with a Polish factory!

Just think. A German facility located in Poland, for the specific purpose of processing human remains for commercial uses! Does this ring any bells with anyone else? Sound sort of familiar?

The fact that this German entrepreneur's father, who had a position over the planned new "factory" was a Nazi SS trooper in WW II (who served in Poland no less!) has become controversial in Poland. Guess why? Oh yeah - that Auschwitz place was in Poland, too, wasn't it.

Read the story for yourself. If anyone other than Monty Python put this into a movie, the only conclusion one could have was that someone had gotten hold of some bad acid and was having REALLY wierd hallucinations.

This is a classic case of truth being stranger than fiction. Indeed.


Decline of Schröder's Reich

The London Telegraph comes through again - this time with an analysis of the falling German economy. In case you missed it, last week France changed away from a 35 hour week back to 40 hours - they couldn't afford to keep their productivity down.

THESE are the countries that the Europhile left wants us to emulate? Nein!


NPR: Bush Freedom Policy Working in Middle East!

NPR? Daniel Schorr? NPR?!!! What next?

"NPR's senior news analyst says that recent events in Lebanon and Egypt suggest that the Middle East is moving towards democracy. Bush may have had it right when he said that a liberated Iraq could show the power of freedom to transform the region."

You can go their site and hear it for yourself.

It has to be a cold day in the nether regions today!


Argus Editor to Clear the Air or "Fort Up"?

A couple of posts at S.D.P. and Sibby commenting on a lot of different things pertaining to the development and growth of the South Dakota Blog Alliance, and how it provided an effective counterpoise to the one-sided, pro-Daschle slant of the news and editorial stance of the Sioux Falls Argus Leader. This all was stimulated by the report that Argus editor Randall Beck was planning a major screed in the weekend paper concerning the state of the blogosphere.

Last fall it looked to me like the blogging was cutting the Argus' meat pretty close to the bone. It did't seem coincidental that during this time Randall Beck bailed out of his weekly stint on the air with Greg Belfrage, no doubt to avoid the flack being stimulated by the blogs, as well as the GOP partisans' reactions to his paper's open advocacy of the unlamented Sen. Tom. Being something of a skeptic myself(understatement alert!) when it came to the Argus' journalistic objectivity, this all made a very interesting pot of stew to watch boil.

Anyway, the above noted posts are in themselves both a good birds' eye commentary, as well as a pretty good recap of how things have moved from the past to the present. Definitely worth a read!

Now, if we can just get an edition of the R.C. Journal going east river, maybe there would be a paper in this corner of the state worth doing something besides wrapping up the walleye guts after a successful fishing day.

(Disclosure Statement: The Chief first started reading the Daschle v. Thune blog, then the S.D.P., Sibby, and others during last year's election, while working to dump Daschle from as a GOP county chair. Eventually, after the election, their example inspired teh start of this modest contribution to the blogosphere.)


Non-stop World Solo Flight Underway

THis site has all the current and background information on Steve Fossett's solo non-stop round-the-world flight attempt.

This is a very neat deal, and not surprisingly based on past projects, it' should be no surprise that Burt Rutan's Scaled Composites, and Sir Richard Branson are both also involved in this effort.

At this time the plane has travelled from Salina, KS to it's current location over North Africa.

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