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18 January 2005


A Democrat Speaks the Unspeakable

This morning on the Fox & Friends, one of the segments was an interview with Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL). In the context of what he thought needed to be done to rebuild the Democratic party, he noted the need to avoid both the extreme right, as well as the extreme left. (!)

The first thing that really struck me was the fact that a Democrat actually admitted that there was even such a thing as an extreme left. Other than Zell Miller, it sure looked to me like their attitude was that such a thing as an extreme left didn't exist.

The next thing is, that for a leading Democrat to call something "extreme left", just how far left does it have to be? Does Moveon.org, or soon to DNC Chairman Howard Dean fit the bill? Why not Kerry ? He certainly caused them enough damage! Somehow I doubt that any of these really fit the Senator's definition, sinnce he had nothing to say in opposition to the incipient leadership takeover by the Moveon / Dean axis. Which returns to the original question...is there some sort of crypto Maoist or Trotskyite movement in the wings biding its time that the Senator is worried about? One can only wonder.

I guess his comment on "the extreme right" , remember, in the context of the DEMOCRATIC Party could only refer to Zell Miller. I'm sure THAT's a scary thought to the Dems.


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