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22 January 2005


Does CBS Finally Get It About Terrorism?

CBS News' 48 Hours tonight featured an extensive report on the islamofascist seizure of the school full of people in Beslan, Russia last fall. It featured some real up close and personal interviews with people on the scene, both outside the school, and being held inside the building as hostages. Also, some previously unseen video from inside, apparently taken by some of the terrs. It was recovered by some teenagers from a damaged cassette, and apparently made its way to CBS.

Very graphic, and moving coverage that doesn't seem to pull any punches. Seeing stuff like this is disturbing, and for that reason it needs to be seen. We NEED to be disturbed, to recognize the ugly reality of terrorisms, and to be able to maintain the will to act and to totally quash Peace-Loving Sons of Islam who perpetrate this sort of thing, whether they are in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, the Phillipines, Russia, Pakistan, or for that matter Detroit, New York, Amsterdam, and London. It's all the same - Evil in our time - just as the Nazi germanofascists were in our parents (or grandparents as the case may be) time!

Lots of people are in fact sorely oppressed where they live, and Americans, with our own revolutionary past should not immediately think that anti-government forces are intrinsically evil - but - when the primary strategy is attacking civilians and civilian targets, this is not war, revolutionary or otherwise. No Geneva convention need apply. Shoot 'em when they run, hang 'em if they stop! In the words of a Russion Mother in the program who lost a young child: "There's no place for them on this earth." Amen.

Good for CBS on this one! (Of course, this WAS also clearly a case of Rather-not.)


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