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25 January 2005


End Near on Judicial Appt. Filibusters?

There has been a lot of discussion various places lately on the so-called "nuclear option" that would remove the filibuster from the playing field of judicial nominations. A few thoughts on this...
Lots of Dems keep saying as one of their talking points that they have allowed lots of judicial nominations to go through, and that it was a only small number that got hung up by them. This is a question of quality vs. quantity. They don't care about the lower court appointments - it is the higher court appeals judges that have the clout when it comes to the real constitutional issues where the rubber meets the road. It is precisely there where the unlamented former Senator Daschle and Dem. Judiciary Committee chief Leahy focused their opposition.
They know, but will never admit, that they are beaten, and that their liberal idological program can only be implemented indirectly - by mis-identifying themselves and their policies, or through the judiciary which is independent of such inconvenient details like votors.
They know, but will never admit, that the reason they oppose conservatives for these judicial appeals posts, ESPECIALLY if very well respected ad qualified, since they will be then groomed for the SCOTUS - the Supreme Court of the United States.
They know, but will never admit, that this is the last political grasp that the intellectually bankrupt, and historically failed liberal agenda has on effective political power in the United States.
They know, but will never admit, that when - I say WHEN, not if - they lose control of this, they will be looking at a decades long exile from the head table at the political and policy banquet of the American Republic.
I pray that that day comes soon!


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