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15 January 2005


Fox waffling to terrorist supporters?

The other night after watching the 2nd night of this year's series, I commented to mi esposa that I would bet that this program would have C.A.I.R. (Council on American-Islamic Relations) up in arms, since it was showing a major terrorist event unfolding that was being perpetrated by an Islamic family (!) who had outwardly adopted the American way of life. The were outraged and shocked that ANYONE would think that loyal followers of the Prophet Mohammed would engage in such nefarious activities!

From the linked article from WorldNet Daily, it looks like I was right. I just hope that Fox doesn't water things down too far. It was enough of a disgrace what happened with the movie version of Tom Clancy's Sum of All Fears, where camel-jockey terrs were morphed by Hollywood into Euro neo-Nazis. (Although come to think of it, there probably isn't too much difference between the neo-Nazis and the Islamofascist terrs!)

Read further down to see some of the gory details of CAIR's links to hard-core mideast terrs.
Check it out at the listed link!

Giving C.A.I.R. credibility on stuff like this would be as if FDR consulted the Nazi German-American Bund in 1939 to get guidance on a proper response to the rape of Poland by the Wehrmacht.

By the way, "24" is the first TV dramatic series to get me snagged into watching it for well over a decade. If you like spy-suspense-action stuff you'll like it. (Are you listening, 007 or Bourne fans?)


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