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17 January 2005


Good Commentary on "The Red Sea"

There's been lots of commentary on a Washington Post article from over the weekend. Lileks has summed it up about as concisely as I have seen - anyway being a pro writer (Minneapolis Star-Tribune) no doubt helps.

A sample:
Much sport has been had with this piece from the WaPo about the Red Sea. Short version: Three Beltway citizens loaded up their pouches with Elvish bread and headed out to find why people voted for Sauron. Tim Blair applied his usual cruel pith; Insty has more, with links to other comments. Maybe I'm just in a warm happy mood, but I tend to side with those who cut Von Drehle much slack here – he’s a smart guy; he’s from the Big Empty and obviously has some affinity for it. What may seem to some like condescension or confusion strikes me as someone gently explaining to the Inner Party the curious songs of the proles, and why they sing in the first place.

If you haven't seen any of this already , it's worth a look, as is the original subject article from the Post. I found it long, but interesting, something like a safari account or a National Geographic project by the big city guys touring to see the natives of the hinterland.


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