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31 January 2005



Hey Doc Dean - It's nothing personal - we don't hate YOU! - We just totally despise your conduct and how you express your ideology in policy terms.

If he hates everything I stand for as a Republican then he hates among other things:
(a) the concept that government is spending taxpayer's money, not just allowing the taxpayers to keep the remnant that government doesn't seize.
(b) the recognition that it's a hard world, and that there are people out there who want to harm us, and would do so it we are not strong enough militarily, and determined enough to stop them.
(c) the concept of right and wrong; that there are indeed some absolute standards of right and wrong that cannot be subject ot the whim of a majority.
(d) the concept that government, or any other agency for that matter, diminishes and ultimately renders impotent, any who become dependent on material largess independent of any requirement for individual accountability
(e) the concept that government is only a limited tool, not the savior of the world, and that it exists to act within a strictly limited sphere of action, NOT to tell the citizenry what they are ALLOWED to do!

Well, if Dean hates all that - at least we know what we have to deal with - and it ain't a pretty picture!


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