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14 January 2005


An opening spiel....

Greetings and salutations!

Well, I guess this has to start out with something...and this must be it.

I'm not at all sure how often this thing will be added to, but you all may find out as soon as I do if anybody out there bothers to read this.

I guess I'll just do it, and see where it goes, and what happens.

The title comes from at least three direct connections I have with radio:
· as an active HAM radio operator
· as a Chief Radioman (RMC, USNR, ret.)
· as a radio listening semi-junkie

So, when I close a post with "73", it's an old CW - radio international morse code - abbreviation,meaning "BEST REGARDS" -- sort of like an early form of SMS abbreviations to save the number of characters to be sent via the lengthy process of spelling everything out in code, one character at a time, with a hand telegraph-type key. So there's some telecommunications history for you!



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