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15 January 2005


SoDak as viewed from the great white north

South Dakota Politics, which is a regular read for me, has linked to a Word doc file of an article from the Canadian paper NATIONAL POST. Somebody up there did their homework - a very insightful view of SD in the context of the recent election of Sen. John Thune at Daschle's expense.
It looks like it was up there a couple days ago, and I thought I would pass it along for your possible edification. http://southdakotapolitics.blogs.com/south_dakota_politics/files/national_post.doc

On another note, I surely can't understand what Dubya is doing what with his backing away from the "bin Laden Dead or Alive" and "Bring it on!" comments as being too strong. WHAT'S WRONG WITH THOSE COMMENTS?! Coupled with the release of some really nasty pieces of work from GITMO, one might wonder if the terror war is starting to get mushy - I hope not. I won't even go into the nonexistant border security (that rant will come later sometime - but it's sure there in the wings) now, but it makes a highly disturbing pattern at best.
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Completed week one of the FIRST (http://www.usfirst.org/) robotics six week building season at school this afternoon. We're farther along than last year, but it would sure be nice to find a nice friendly mech. engineer type to work with (which most other teams have). Why we don't? It's a long story, rooted deep in the B.I.A bureaucracy. 'nuff said.


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