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16 January 2005


Thoughts on a new world order

Saturday night I listened to a rather interesting discussion pm Coast to Coast AM (Art Bell) by Dr. Michiu Kaku - a physics prof. at NYU. He cited a scheme for categorizing the relative development of civilizations proposed by a Russian physicist named Kardashev.
Type I - Civilization has progressed to the point where it has full effective utilization of an entire planetary energy potential. (We arn't there yet! Dr. Kaku thinks we might be there within a century IF we survive long enough.)
Type II - Civilization has progressed to the point where it has full effective utilization of an entire solar system.
Type III - Galactic-level civilization! (Phew!)
He commented further that there were a lot of folks that are instinctively uncomfortable with our continuing movement towards reaching Type I - for instance those who would rather live in the 11th century than the 21st century, like the current Islamo-fascists.

I've thought about the trend towards a global system, which has tended to make me sort of uncomfortable (unerstatement alert here!), especially when contemplating the dog's breakfast that is the UN, to say nothing of the Euros with their now openly stated intent to stage a de-facto revival of the Roman Empire.

In thinking yet more about this, I have about decided that there is really nothing intrinsically wrong with a world government. The problem with the current efforts towards such is that they are based on a movement to the lowest commen denominator, i.e. we should kowtow to China's policies towards human rights for example, instead of pushing THEM to raise their standards of such conduct!

The USA is presently the benchmark for human rights and opportunity (in spite of the kvetching of the lib-socialist lefties, and their ilk) and provides an obvious focal point for this to happen.

Will it happen? Probably not as a result of anything we can do -- however, there is another answer looming on the horizon, at least to those of us who anticipate an eventual initiation of a world system under the direct leadership of Jesus Christ. If you happen not to beleive this, that's OK - your life, your call.


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