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24 February 2005


Another Legislative Day in Pierre

This is HJR 1001, and is designed to pass the buck to the voters on a defense of marriage amendment to the SD constitution. It has passed the house, and is now grinding its way through the senate, where there's a lot of waffling going on. Some sponsoring senators like Flandreau's Dan Sutton (D, of course!) are getting cold feet for some reason about allowing constituents the chance to voice their opinion on this issue. Perhaps the party elders are "weighing in" pointing out the inconsistancy of such an amendment with the direction of the John Deaniac Dems. Time to hold the senators' feet to the fire on this one if you're concerned with some protection against potential run-away judicial activism.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch:
FRY BREAD APPROVED - Bill signed by the Gov. making this the "official SD bread". Reassuring to know that the major issues of the day are being dealt with decisively in some cases at least.

In other actions, it's not a good day for prairie dogs (but potentially a windfall for ammo dealers!). Yeah, so they're cute, but they can totally denude grasslands - tough if you happen to be trying to raise some cattle, sheep, etc.

Legislature reacts to court verdict on phone tax:
This is a bit of administrative manipulation, to share the loot from taxing cell phones between the state (60%) and counties (40%). Kind of like the Sopranos, divvying up the take, no debate of collecting the boodle, just discussion on who gets what share.

"Sparsity" bill dies
Finally, there is no sympathy, so far at least for the West River schools funding is concerned. They are dealing with miles and miles of miles and miles, and not even anyone else in the neighborhood to consolidate with even if you had to. This is a problem that needs to be dealt with for sure. The question is, does Minnehaha, Lincoln, Brown, etc. counties E. river care enough to handle the problem, if it takes a few bucks away from their pot. (See the above paragraph on divvying up the take.)


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