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21 February 2005


Educational Malpractice

Comes this post from LGF reporting on a case where mail collected in schools, and mailed to "support" the troops contained anti-war scrawlings - allegedly written spontaneously by kids, collected by the teacher, and sent off WITHOUT ANY REVIEW by the teacher.

Yeah, right! As a professional educator, I can't conceive of this happening like that, unless the teacher was a total dolt. Hmmmm, this may just be possible at that, with some of the inanity I have observed in fellow "educational professionals" on occasion (but that's another story). Suppose that may be covered by the "dolt" refereence above though, so never mind.

I can recall several science fiction settings where a society decided to restrict access to teaching history and government to veterans - with the view that without having made a personal contribution to the maintenance of the state, one would not have an adequate appreciation for what it meant to live in and fully respect a free constitutional government. I'm not sure this is too far off the beam. P.C.? No, of course not!


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