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15 February 2005


MSM double standard once again in UN / US Coverage

UN forces – just a bunch of thugs?

In this OpEd from across the big pond, in the course of commenting on severe abuses by Euro UN peacekeepers (or dare one say piece-keepers?) the Telegraph's Mark Steyne takes note of a severe case of double standard in the MSM.

In this case the MSM makes mere passing mention (if that) is made concerning stuff like pedophilia rings, exploitation of child prostitutes, and similarly unsavory activities on the part of some (mostly Eurotrash) members of UN forces. The contrast is with the weeks long, front-page-above-the fold coverage of the underwearheadgate troubles at Abu Ghraib by a few admittedly out of line US troops.

Just another example of the inconsistancy and anti-US biases of the MSM, but by now, who expects any better?


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