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14 February 2005


MSM Meltdown: Rabies Outbreak after Eason Jordan Resignation

Michelle Malkin's Monday column describes some MSM reactions to Jordan's resignation that could be described as foaming at the mouth. It seems that the self-appointed aristocracy of the so-called 4th estate are coming unglued at the prospect of participatory democracy in the form of blogging interfering with their exalted status as sole purveyors of the truth as liberal leftist party cant. It gives me a warm glow to realize that we must be actually hitting these journalistic aristos where it hurts.

An example of the cited rabid ad-hominem attacks: "Jordan has just been tire-necklaced by a bloodthirsty group of utopian, bible-thumping knuckledraggers that believe themselves to be bloggers but are really just a street gang."

Time to call the WAAAAAAAAmbulance! (WAA-WAA, WAA-WAA, WAA-WAA!)


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