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31 March 2005


Judicial Murder of Terri Schiavo Completed!

Terri Schiavo, R.I.P.
If you, as I do, have a religious belief, then Terri has gone on to a better state of existance than is offered by mortal life. If you don't have such a belief, too bad for you, but you still have to concede that at least she has escaped the inhumane cruelty that her so-called husband inflicted on her.

The degree of judicial usurpation that has taken place has been highlighted by this case, as by nothing else in recent memory. The arrogance of the judges is illustrated by the statement of Circuit Circus Court Judge Stanley F. Birch Jr., criticized Congress for passing the law requiring the federal courts to reexamine the evidence in Terri's case, saying that lawmakers, " ...violated core constitutional separation principles, [they] prescribed a 'rule of decision' and acted unconstitutionally." Ah, Judge B – maybe you better go read article 3 of the Constitution again – you know, the bit that gives CONGRESS the power to set the jurisdiction of the courts! So, nothing unconstitutional is happening here, except possibly in your digestive system since you apparently can’t abide the FACT that not everyone worships at the false altar of judicial divinity.

What to do now? Remember Terri and her case – and remember the judicial arrogance and abuse that caused this sorry set of events to occur as they did. Support the appointment of judges committed to INTERPRETING the law as it was enacted, as opposed to the judicial legislation that takes place all too often now.


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