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25 March 2005


Misc Blog Notes

Good News and Bad News on the Chief's IT Front:
This sort of commenting is not my usual modus operandi, but at times it's appropriate. I made a post a while back commenting on the sale of IBM's PC operations to a ChiCom outfit, and made the reflection that in the future "computer" at my home port would be spelled "D-E-L-L". Maybe I should have kept quiet since my home base desktop was an IBM NetVista - I guess it didn't like what I said, since when I attempted to update my Norton AV the whole darned thing barfed all over my files: it shredded the default doc folder somehow, rendering it unusable, undeleteable, and inaccessible, although there was still indirect evidence of something being in there yet. Not only this, but the whole drive segment is unable to be formatted to try to clean up the mess! (I HATE it when that happens!) Needless to say, this has been disruptive of lots of stuff for school that I hoped to get done at home yesterday, to say nothing of putting a crimp into blogging!

So, what's the good news? My spousal unit felt compassion for my travails, unlocked the treasury, and delivery is pending on a new computer from the afore mentioned Texas-based vendor of computer equipment. Now station the sea and anchor detail! Shift colors! Underway!

Slaglerock's Slaughterhouse
Had a good e-exchange with the proprietor of Slaglerock's Slaughterhouse - an affiliate of the dreaded (by libDems anyway) Rottweiler hegemony. Slagle is a USAF type, who is currently one of the defenders helping to keep all us infidels from becoming subject to dhimmitude.

I've had him linked for a couple of months, and regularly visit his locale since it's interesting and informative - he has a sort of Kipling-ish appreciation of the realities of life in a sometimes hostile world. In addition he has a neat graphics header that definitely hits the mark! Check it out & you'll see what I mean.


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