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30 March 2005


A Responsibility Party?

This is a really interesting view on the current state of the political spectrum. A "Responsibility Party" - I like it!

All too often the GOP, especially as manifested by the current administration has occupied the ground of the old (late 18th, early 19th cen.) Tories. The Dems have turned themselves, as stated into at best, social-democrats. So what's left? The Libertarians Losertarians are sadly lacking any call for individual responsibility, in addition to have a real bad case of ideological myopia on national security issues, as do the Constitutional Party, and the America-Firsters.

Bill Quick at Daily Pundit has an interesting proposal, one that I have pondered for some time myself. The question is how to go about implementing the idea of a rationally based "Responsibility Party".

This something badly needed, indeed.


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