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15 March 2005


SD Blogwar II Continues

In the terminology of the header on this post, BlogWar I is defined as the pre-election sparring that went on between the D.B.A. and the Argus-Loser oops, Argus-Leader. BlogWar II was launched by a virtually (if not actually) coordinated three-sided strike: a probing action by KELO-TV to set the stage, followed by the heavy artillery barrage of Randell Beck's Argus column, and finally the continuing sniping attacks by Epp et al, including some "black-ops" anonymous blog strikes. All of the above are long on rhetoric, truly liberal in the use of ad-hominem and emotionally rooted attacks, but lacking in the citation of any substantiated FACTUAL deviations from the truth in the posts that they are exercised about.

On the other hand, both Sibby and SDP have some rather detailed and lengthy posts up noting with a lot of specific detail, just where the rhetorical and credibility problems with the libDem efforts lie. (Pun intended!) I leave it to them to ably respond, since much of the content deals with events before the Chief came into the blogosphere. Well worth the read if you are following this.


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