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10 March 2005


US Says "Ah-so!" as IBM Sells PC Operation to ChiComs

Why does this set my teeth on edge? Could it be that the same D.C. factions that favored selling aerospace technology (read this as ICBM stuff!) was no problem will be applauding this deal too?

NOTE: This is NOT a partisan issue! Both Bush administrations as well as ex-President Bubba have all had some problems in this area as far as the Chief is concerned.

Although my current home desktop is IBM, in the future computer will be spelled "D-E-L-L". I know, components and assembly is done all over the place anymore. At least before this deal goes through, most of the money came back home instead of contributing to arming the most populous empire on the planet to enable it to kick us in the teeth when they think they can get away with it.

If this is of no concern to you at all - check out this op-ed from (again) the Telegraph, which for being a major paper has a notable and long-standing tradition of kicking the P.C. orthodoxy of most of the MSM right in the chops.

I fear this is a bit too much like us, like Esau, selling our birthright for a mess of pottage. The ultimate losses could prove to be both permanent, and damaging to our interests.


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