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05 April 2005


Another Factor in Climate Change!

New Study has Scientists Scratching Heads!

Report of a new paper in Science magazine indicates that so-called biological aerosols: micro scale fragments of organisms such as small hair fragments, skin flakes, dander, etc. make a significant contribution to the overall aerosol content of the atmosphere.

So why worry about the price of Denorex? Aerosols are very much involved in providing particles for water condensation droplets to form - get enough of those and you have clouds. Get high clouds, and things warm up, low clouds cool things off. Which are being formed this way? Take a guess - you know as much as the scientists do!

This TCS article makes the excellent point that given the continued new discoveries about what factors affect climate in ways undetermined, it is wildly premature to develop extensive policies based on incomplete and fragmentary knowledge of what actually drives climate change.


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