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28 April 2005


High-speed ship could rapidly deploy U.S. forces

Sci-fi Goes to Sea

This is impressive! The Chief remembers 30 years ago when he was still a mere Seaman, seeing futuristic sci-fi like artist's conceptions of future ships that looked like this! Like so much else in technology - yesterday's sci-fi is todays tool.

UPDATE: After Action Report from Gulf War and Other Deployments

No need to modify or change the above stated first impression.

“I can tell you that Incat has hit a home run with this ship! What an awesome piece of equipment. We have had minimal problems during a higher than designed or intended operation tempo. The vessel is near perfect for the intended U.S. Army mission, and in 18 plus years of driving and working about boats, I’ve never had so much fun. We hit and sustained 48.7 knots running down the coast of Qatar, unbelievable.”
— Chief Warrant Officer Patrick S. May, Commander of TSV-1X Spearhead

Check it out!


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