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16 April 2005


McCain Continues Drive to Promote Republocratic Agenda

Sen. John McCain, the Arizona Republocrat, is continuing his intermittent efforts to cement his leadership of the Republocrat caucus in Congress. Anticipating the time when the Republicans will not hold the majority in DC, McCain continues to hasten that day by carrying the water for the Demogoguecratic minority leader Dusty Harry Reid.

Waffling out on the coming fights over judicial nominations will be tantamount to putting the remants of a free republic into a lock box, and turning the key over to the Dummycrats forever. If the courts don't get changed, then the American Republic as we know it will join the Roman Republic, and the Athenian Democracy as historical memories of something that COULD have worked, only if....

It is not reported here, but is widely believed that the symbol adopted by the McCainiac Republocrats will be the Rhinoceros to symbolically reinforce the point that they are truly Republicans-In-Name-Only or RINOs.

IF the GOP doesn't discover some backbone soon on issues like this, they will be in danger of being out-flanked to the right by Hillary on issues like immigration and border control, etc.


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