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05 April 2005


RC Journal Calls for Senate Action on Judges

So do I, so do I!

The RC Journal here has come out in favor of allowing President Bush's judicial appointments to get a straight up or down vote. The Chief has posted on the deplorable state of judicial activism a number of times in the last few weeks - suffice it to say at present that the deconstructionist interpretations of the law and Constitution have been a real plague on the nation.

The Journal correctly pegged the root of the conflict in the Senate:
"This is an ideological battle for control of the judiciary branch. The president's nominees that Democratic senators find objectionable are all qualified to serve on the federal bench, but they are too conservative for Democratic support groups that don't want conservative judges deciding case law."

This Senate contest of wills is a continuation of the fall election contest by the losers, just as the Iraqi terrorists are attempting to continue their fight for Saddam long after the war has been decided. The obstruction of Robert KKK Byrd, Ted "Splash" Kennedy, and friends is, to loosely paraphrase Clausewitz, a continuation of the last (two) election cycles by other means, with the goal of previnting the outcome of the votes from being implemented in the public law and policy arena.


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