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14 April 2005


U.N. Approves Global Nuclear Treaty

Phew! That was a close call, but we must be safe now: the UN General ASSembly has declared in illegal for terrorist to possess or use nuclear weapons!

The Chief is now SO reassured!

The whole UN, and especially this latest exercise in ??? (words fail!) is worth less than a bucket of cold spit when it comes to improving anybody's security - especially ours.

The other wierd thing here is the warm glow expressed by the US deputy ambassador (on the face of it a striped-pants moonbat) after the vote:
"By its action today, the General Assembly has shown that it can, when it has the political will, play an important role in the global fight again terrorism," U.S. deputy ambassador Stuart Holliday told delegates after the vote. "The nuclear terrorism convention, when it enters into force, will strengthen the international legal framework to combat terrorism."

I'll bet that this exercise and it's accompanying speechifying is at least as effective at fighting global terrorism as TSA searches of 70 year old grandmothers at airport check-ins.

Oh, right. Never mind - the chance is far greater that granny has a bomb than that the UN will have some real effect.


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