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22 April 2005


Video Shot Shows Shot on Video

Iraq Crash Survivor Subjected to Islamic Peace Execution

This is all over the place this morning - when the Chief first heard of it last night, there was little surprise....It is just another case of some peace-loving followers fanatical terrorists of Mohammed exercising their submission to Allah's will psychopathic bloodlust. "Allahu akbar" indeed: they think to follow God, but actually serve the opposition. Unfortunately, this mistaken understanding does nothing to mitigate the barbarity of their attitudes and actions.

We are absolutely doing the right thing to attempt to cut the ground out from under these sorts of fanatical barbarians. Don't catch them, don't lock them up at Gitmo or even Abu Ghraib, no trials, no hanging - hunt 'em down and shoot them as they stand, like the Sarge noted in this earlier post.


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