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03 May 2005


Ex-Senator Tom tells SDSU Grads: Do as I say, not as I do!

Daschle: 'Hold on to your core beliefs'

It's hard to resist a bit of snarkiness seeing this header on an Argus article.

There's nothing to fault about the message, but in this case it seems to be a case of the good words being drowned out by the lousy actions of the former Senator, who rarely let alleged core beliefs get in the way of a political position, and whose career showed him capable of trimming his sails to meet whatever direction his political wind blew, with a breathtaking disregard for any sort of underlying core philosophy.

Just by way of perhaps the most obvious example, Ex-Sen. Tom was not reticent in noting his Catholicism. One would presume that one's religion, or lack of it indicates something fundamental about "core beliefs". One might even think that adherence to a particular faith would be an indication that there was some agreement, or spiritual resonance between the individual and the precepts of the particular church, etc. that one would affiliate with. One MIGHT think that - but apparently not Ex.-Sen. Tom, who felt no shame at at all in actively supporting the pro-abortion agenda in D.C.

Regarding other issues, for example the need to deal with Sod-em Hussein, during the Clintonista regime, our boy was all for going in like gangbusters and kickin' butt and takin' names! What a different tune he had to sing after Bubba retired, and the White House was under new management! What were the core beliefs there?

It just occurs to the Chief, that perhaps he's being too unforgiving, and perhaps has previously overlooked what HAS to be a Real Solid Core Belief of Ex.-Sen. Tom - a total and sincere dedication to doing whatever was necessary by any means to acquire, maintain, and preserve a position of political power and dominance.

That in itself, may well be the true core belief that is left when all of the details of specific issues and debates are stripped away. Hopefully the graduated take a more positive approach to the remarks than "Political power uber alles."


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