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01 May 2005


Florida "Panther" Has Right to Kill at Will

Local Cat Given Preference by Feds - Your Tax Dollars at Work?

This caught my eye, with the recent discussions and events in SD concerning mountain lions. Although the 'Florida Panther" has been declared an endangered species, it is genetically identical - the same animal - that elsewhere is called the mountain lion, or puma - and is NOT an endangered species.

In the case in question an animal that was released in an area has discovered is is much easier to dine on the denizens of a local animal park than it is to take the trouble to hunt down deer, or other local wildlife. Too bad for the animals, and their owners say the Feds - but there is no recourse, or solution to be taken.

It's numbers ARE limited in Florida, due to development, but by the same logic ANY animal could be considered endangered in ANY area where it had formerly lived. Imagine the possibilities: reintroduce a wolf pack to Central Park in NYC, with full protected status! Or why not place a herd of bison on the grounds of Denver International Airport? What's the difference? Logically the Chief sure doesn't see one - but there he goes again - THINKING about an issue instead of emoting in favor of wildlife. Oh well.


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