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04 May 2005


Malkin: Notes From the Culture Wars

South Park, Laura Bush & Profane Humor

Michele Malkin takes note of a number of on-going circumstances in the current state of the culture war. She most notably comments on some of the humor of Laura Bush at the recent White House Correspondents' Dinner.

In the course of her commentary, she notes the following:
Self-censorship is a conservative value. In a brilliant commencement speech at Hillsdale College last year, Heritage Foundation president Ed Feulner called on his audience to resist the coarsened rhetoric of our time: "If we are to prevail as a free, self-governing people, we must first govern our tongues and our pens. Restoring civility to public discourse is not an option. It is a necessity."


Ms. Malkin is not alone in noting the dubious quality of some of Mrs. Bush's comedic efforts. I don't care to re-elaborate the details - you've no doubt all seen the tape. The Chief had hoped that this vein of humor had left with the Bubbacrats, but apparently not. Oh well. Better luck next time I hope.


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