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RadioActive Chief

Stronghold of the VRWC Committee of Correspondence in northwest Moody County. Commenting on politics, culture, science, or whatever seems interesting. --- ILLIGITIMATI NON CARBORUNDUM! ---

11 May 2005



UPDATE: Chief moves to new home port location.

The RADIOACTIVE CHIEF blog which you are now looking at, will henceforth be active at http://www.radioactive.chief.com/, so you're invited to check it out - posts will be done over there from now on.

Eventually I hope to figure out transfering my archives over to the new site, but I'll leave them up here also for, well, archival purposes & for link access. This may not be totally Permanent, but things will still be here for the time being.

The new site is not TOTALLY the way I want it to be yet - but it's a reasonable first iteration - and as I continue my initiation into CSS it will only get better! (...he modestly promises!)


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