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11 May 2005



UPDATE: Chief moves to new home port location.

The RADIOACTIVE CHIEF blog which you are now looking at, will henceforth be active at http://www.radioactive.chief.com/, so you're invited to check it out - posts will be done over there from now on.

Eventually I hope to figure out transfering my archives over to the new site, but I'll leave them up here also for, well, archival purposes & for link access. This may not be totally Permanent, but things will still be here for the time being.

The new site is not TOTALLY the way I want it to be yet - but it's a reasonable first iteration - and as I continue my initiation into CSS it will only get better! (...he modestly promises!)

08 May 2005


Blog Changes in the Works

FYI: The relative lack of blog activity by the Chief is due to the combination of two things: working on a major upgrade to this blog page, and the fact that regardless of need, there still isn't a way to get more than 24 hours out of a day.

I'll still be doing some blogging, but an mostly trying to get the latest revised revision done. The management greatly appreciates your patience.


WorldNetDaily: A socialist in the U.S. Senate?

Bernie Sanders for Senate? Yech!

This reporr states that the "Independent" VT Cong. (who openly calls himself a "democratic socialist") is likely to seek Jumpin' Jim Jefford's seat after his retirement due to medical reasons. The observation is made that Bernie will be the only socialist in the Senate.

The CHief begs to differ - there are a number of qualifiers for this title, it's just that they won't admit it (in public).


Zogby poll: Americans fed up on illegal aliens

Disconnect with Admin, many other Pols

Zogby poll results featured on CNN(!) show that Americans are overwhelmingly in support of the concept that a nation should
(a) have borders, and
(b) have control of the borders.

OK, so what's so hard for the President and others to figure out about this. This is by no means anything new.

05 May 2005


UK Election Upset? UPDATE: Not this year!

Early reports mentioned on Rush today that exit polling in Britain has Tony Blair headed for a major defeat at the hands of the Tories.

That would be very interesting. No doubt the MSM will spin it that this is due to his support for the Iraq war - but with a lot of other things going on over there that don't catch the press' attention here, I'm not sure that that's the answer.

It's also worth noting, that exit polls have sometimes blown it, so we'll see if this holds.

UPDATE: It didn't. Blair is a soft socialist, so it's too bad for the Brits, ultimately, but he HAS been a real trooper in the terror war. The Chief's call: it's a wash as to whether it's better one way or another.

04 May 2005


Churchill asked for victory at all costs, but the reality was worse

Some Refective Thoughts for VE Day + 60 years

The ooccasion of 60 years after VE Day seems to be making a bigger impact on the Brits than it is over here, even with the final heat of an election campaign over there. One has to thing that it perhaps has something to do with the immediacy of the threat at the time,

Whatever, there are some excellent thoughts presented here by Sir John Keegan, who is a ret'd Royal Army type & who has written a number of books that people even read.

Check it out.


Malkin: Notes From the Culture Wars

South Park, Laura Bush & Profane Humor

Michele Malkin takes note of a number of on-going circumstances in the current state of the culture war. She most notably comments on some of the humor of Laura Bush at the recent White House Correspondents' Dinner.

In the course of her commentary, she notes the following:
Self-censorship is a conservative value. In a brilliant commencement speech at Hillsdale College last year, Heritage Foundation president Ed Feulner called on his audience to resist the coarsened rhetoric of our time: "If we are to prevail as a free, self-governing people, we must first govern our tongues and our pens. Restoring civility to public discourse is not an option. It is a necessity."


Ms. Malkin is not alone in noting the dubious quality of some of Mrs. Bush's comedic efforts. I don't care to re-elaborate the details - you've no doubt all seen the tape. The Chief had hoped that this vein of humor had left with the Bubbacrats, but apparently not. Oh well. Better luck next time I hope.


Marine Cleared in Iraq Shootng

A Touch of Sanity from a P.C. World!

The Marine trooper who was subjected to an investigation with the threat of a murder charge for actually acting like he was in combat in a war zone, was effectively cleared of charges by the 1st MarDiv.

A review of the evidence showed the Marine's actions were "consistent with the established rules of engagement and the law of armed conflict," Maj. Gen. Richard F. Natonski, commanding general of the 1st Marine Division, said in a statement.

Thank God for small favors! It was a travesty that this deal went as far as it did, before some reason prevailed, and a good Marine trooper can continue to be just that, without the threat of an idiotic prosecution for the crime of fighting a war.

03 May 2005


Recovery From Brain Damage - 10 Years After!

Firefighter makes astounding recovery

This case illustrates once again, the capacities and resiliancies of the human organism, given the chance.

The sad point to be made here once again, is to wonder what COULD have been done if proper treatement had been given to Terri Schiavo, instead of eliminating her as a "useless eater" under the culture of the new American Reich.


Ex-Senator Tom tells SDSU Grads: Do as I say, not as I do!

Daschle: 'Hold on to your core beliefs'

It's hard to resist a bit of snarkiness seeing this header on an Argus article.

There's nothing to fault about the message, but in this case it seems to be a case of the good words being drowned out by the lousy actions of the former Senator, who rarely let alleged core beliefs get in the way of a political position, and whose career showed him capable of trimming his sails to meet whatever direction his political wind blew, with a breathtaking disregard for any sort of underlying core philosophy.

Just by way of perhaps the most obvious example, Ex-Sen. Tom was not reticent in noting his Catholicism. One would presume that one's religion, or lack of it indicates something fundamental about "core beliefs". One might even think that adherence to a particular faith would be an indication that there was some agreement, or spiritual resonance between the individual and the precepts of the particular church, etc. that one would affiliate with. One MIGHT think that - but apparently not Ex.-Sen. Tom, who felt no shame at at all in actively supporting the pro-abortion agenda in D.C.

Regarding other issues, for example the need to deal with Sod-em Hussein, during the Clintonista regime, our boy was all for going in like gangbusters and kickin' butt and takin' names! What a different tune he had to sing after Bubba retired, and the White House was under new management! What were the core beliefs there?

It just occurs to the Chief, that perhaps he's being too unforgiving, and perhaps has previously overlooked what HAS to be a Real Solid Core Belief of Ex.-Sen. Tom - a total and sincere dedication to doing whatever was necessary by any means to acquire, maintain, and preserve a position of political power and dominance.

That in itself, may well be the true core belief that is left when all of the details of specific issues and debates are stripped away. Hopefully the graduated take a more positive approach to the remarks than "Political power uber alles."

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